Thursday, April 23, 2015

BankMed rebrands - are "you!" kidding me?

If only every bank that rebrands takes a page from the Credit Bank book. The work they did was neat, efficient, smart, they did show the vibrancy, evolution, values, history and heritage, all while looking towards the future. Which makes the Bankmed effort sophomoric - not just in comparison - but in the absolute. First of all, if it ain't broke - don't fix it! The old logo was nice, credible, worthy of a deeply-rooted banking institution, inspired trust and frankly stability and steadfastness - plus the "waves" symbolism to refer to the Med (Mediterranean bit). So why change it?
The end result is juvenile, supposedly funky but ends up outright gauche, with a typeface that is all small caps and not very credible in shape which does not really make one want to put hard-earned money there. Please note I am not against banks not taking themselves seriously - Umpqua Bank being a prime example - except I only want that to happen when the end results is truly, truly, very cool and off-beat. Not when it pretends to be so and ends up like some over-botoxed sexagenarian thinking she can compete with the young and furious ones.
The worst bit is the new selling line - from the no-nonsense "understanding your needs" to the ridiculous "You! count" (yes with an exclamation mark which I am sure the board was led to be convinced that it is social media friendly).
Someone really did not know about counting - because it does not add up;

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