Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I see things as they might be and ask... Why not?

"Some men see things as they are and ask: Why? I see things as they might be and ask: Why not?" Robert Kennedy. I know it is kind of inappropriate to mention such a quote when it comes to ad critique, but I couldn't resist it. Sure, the campaign for Grand Cinemas in ABC has already been commented upon for its show-offiness and pumposuness (which mind you might be just as compatible with the Lebanese movie goers), but somehow I knew mentally it made a link until I remembered someone else who signed: Why not?
It was Umpqua Bank, a small bank in West Coast of the US. The campaign dates back to 2006 and introduced the bank in a new and refreshing light. Some of the slogans were: "What if we became your coffe house? Why not" (Umpqua Bank believe it or not, had their own roast of beans!) "What if we didn't keep banker's hours? Why not" (True, Umpqua Bank opened till late hours and even had a knitting circle and video club inside the branches which were always picked to be "corner stores" to insure better visibility from the outside).
I am not saying the campaign is copied or inspired as to my knowledge no one knows about the Umpqua Bank campaign - which by miles is better than the Lebanese version. But Lebanese have been known to steal concepts and ideas, so... Why not?

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