Sunday, June 24, 2012

USEK student Elie Roger Elias and his groovy tribute to Chicklets

Elie Elias from USEK scores this tribute to Chicklets in groovy 50s mood and ambiance, full of recomposed nostaglia with just the right mix of colors, cencept, retro-chic and product focus.... Not much to be said, a lot to be admired!


yara said...

i love the idea, this is the latest trend now reviving arabs pop culture there is also Rana salman a well known lebanese artist who is reviving and branding this art
anyhow it is a cool project
i love it :)

Tarek Chemaly said...

Yara, you are absoloutely correct and anyone who follows this blog knows how big a fan I am of Rana (who came and lectured at USEK). Just to be fair to Elie, I think Rana tends to go more into the "design" part whereas Elie was more "conceptual".... Thanks for your input!