Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Kneider sweeps the floor with Caillebotte's... floor scarpers

Phot credit - Maya Metni
For those who do not know the visual above - before it got screwed that is (oh sorry, before it was "improved upon") by Kneider or whomever does their atrocious visual - used to be by Caillebotte. It was spotted by fellow ad enthusiast Maya Metni as a supreme example how a beautiful work is added to with incredibly misplaced sense of art direction to produce such a disappointing result. Oh and if you want to toy around with previous art, why not follow Maya's footseps with her use of Hockney for Rectangle Jaune?

Monday, July 21, 2014

How Scott King sank American Vogue.

July Vogue issue by Scott King
August Vogue issue by Scott King
September Vogue issue by Scott King
November Vogue issue by Scott King
Now that's a refreshing read on a Monday! Former i-D art director and Sleazenation creative director (if you don't know either then stick to Vogue and get uneducated) takes over Vogue in an artistic project which sees him redoing the covers. Whereas the work dates back to 2006, it has been having a moment in the sun for being featured in Fashion Cultures happening at various venues in Glasgow.
The project takes a leaf from all anti-consumerist manifestos, and has not exactly displaced Anna Wintour, but some of those covers still feel refreshingly maverick (even if the cultural references on some of them - Paris Hilton, Cherrie Blair appear dated with age).
The "advertisting free issue" which proclaims "14 pages!" is epic. What can I say?
"Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking!"

Citroen 2 CV: a tale of two horses.

 Arabiyyet jiddi lawnayn kanou yjerrouha hsanayn - my grandther has a carriage in two colors drawn by two horses... Here are so fine examples of 2 CV (2 Chevaux!) parading in the streets of Beirut. Whereas technically, the photos below are not 2 CV, they can still belong to this post - another example of Cacheology.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

History will judge, oh - and airplane crashes.

Now that tragedy has struck again for Malaysian airlines after the first disaster of #MH370 (the current one is the downing of one of their planes #MH17 over Ukraine), I was really - and I mean really - eager to see how Malaysian transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein was going to handle this one. Tough luck, in a country not exactly known to be a full democracy, Hussein was actually discharged from his post.
Considering he was also the minister of defence (and from what I understood still is), he is also - no, no, nothing to do with corruption and nepotism - the cousin of Najib Razzak, the prime minister. So going as far as discharging him from his post truly speaks volumes about how bad the situation was and the ultimately bad job he did.
So it's interesting that Mr. Hishammudin has been so vilified by the way he handled the crisis of thr #MH370 would end up saying "I think history will judge us well" about the situation - other people who used a variant of this sentence include George W. Bush with "History will ultimately judge [...] I am a content man" and Fidel Castro "history will absolve me"(so basically he is in good company - or a bad one, depending on how you look at it).
(C) Plantu
It reminds of the Plantu caricature published after the Soviets downed a Korean Airlines Boeing in 1983 after "detecting signs of an aviation tragedy" the Soviet fighter planes decided "to put an end to the flight". Which could be one of the first uses of the "preemtive attack" doctrine history will judge George W. Bush on.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

That beautiful Jounieh mural now destroyed

There's always has been something magical for me when it comes to this mural - ever since I was a child. You can see the original full photos here as part of my ArcheWALLogy project. Now there's a building project going on there and surely enough the mural goes with it. No point invoking nostalgia, perhaps knowing I have photos is enough - when clearly things move and change.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The phallic symbol in AIR-bnb new logo

It took about a couple of hours before the new Airbnb logo would become the ridicule of the design community - much has been read into it: A phallic symobl, check, a widened vagina, check, boobs, check, and the list goes. The fact that is resembles closely two other logos (N3twork and Automation Anywhere) does not help.
Note that this is not the first time a new logo gets a desatrous welcome - Gap suffered major backlash upon releasing theirs, heck, the whole country of Poland also had to retract a new redesigned logo, and (lest we forget) the Saudi Arilines.
Add to the melee that "air" already means penis in Arabic, and there you go!

Kifbetwaffirmay - saving water in a laudable initiative.

Photo credit G.H.
At a time when we are suffering major water shortage and that someone came up with the idea of buying water from Turkey (what an irony!!!), there's an intitiative circulating in town from the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water and the EU Kifbetwaffirmay (a website, twitter account already exist). Media wise, the campaign features two kids one saying "you educate us in the best of schools, that's not enough, leave us some water" whereas the boy says "you inherit us houses and lands, that's not enough, leave us some water".
This campaign is indeed needed at this time of major water shortage, and obviously the work to do it and get it out to the public was done in record time which is impressive. Even the tone of voice is not too pitiful or sad, just enough to raise awareness without turning people off. My major concern? Who thought of this unpronouncable name for the campaign or the twitter handle (it took me 4 days to research this since I was not able to spot the name of the campaign printed in perpandicular (seriously, whoever thought of doing this is just media blind) on the billboard and eventually be able to comment on this!).

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jazz Nabad and Ma Jazz Kawlouhou - word plays in music.

I just saw the name of a concert in Metro al Madina, "Jazz Nabad" (jass nabad means "to take the pulse") which is an awesome word play.... It reminded me of the project I did with Deborah Phares aka Abracadeborah (she can do magic!) entitled "Ma Jazz Kawlouhou" (another word play on the original expression, which means "what is permitted to be said). Find the songs here and enjoy!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

About that Chicklets redesign campaign!

Photos via Blog Baladi

Chicklets is trumpeting via a campaign which involved a teaser and a badly laid out revealer of their redesign, hower, if you have bough Chicklets bubble gum anytime since at least 6 months, you'd have realised the redesign of the package is not new. Which of course begs the question of what now.
The only good thing about the campaign is the line "ta2 el 7anak sar elo ta3me" - "ta2 el 7anak" figuratively means time wasting, but also means literally "the sound make by the lower jaw" (in reference to talking too much i.e. gosspiping and in this case chewing the gum).
Usually the expression is "ta2 7anak bala ta2me" or "too much moving of the jaw without any taste"... Which brings us to the line "moving of the jaw is now full of taste".
The new campaign pales in comaprison with Elie Elias project from USEK on Chicklets which you can find here!

Opel Rekord dans tous ses etats

I found the contrast between the two Carcheology finds staggering - one manicured, well-kept, artificially not aged; the other disused, forgotten, more used a a bric a brac than its original function. But both testimonies of what once lay, of times spent, of family bondings and feuds, and of Sunday trip to nowhere lands.