Friday, April 17, 2015

#fargobus Original Soundtrack

Todauy marks the launch of the #fargobus soundtrack.... What is #fargobus? You will soon find out, below is a list of the tracks included....
Al iza3at Houwayda - Mum21 - Paul Jardin - A la volette - Tamara Hekmat Wehbe - Barilla - Anais Anais Cacharel - Stimorol - Abanderado - Fawazir Cherihan - Dewar's White Label - Do you love me Bandali - El Mal3ab Sammy Clark - Exotica - Falcon Crest - Farfouille des Soldes - Fun deodorant - Gantous w Bou Raad - Gimme a break - Al ja2iza al koubra Grand Prix - Grendizer - Hakawati - Jazirat al kanz - Jonger - Junal Hameda kif - Kellon 3andon sayyarat - Khabbaz - Knight Rider - La vache qui rit - lakki7ou atfalakom la yanfa3 al nadam - Lama bimshi 3al rasif Michka - Leo Parachute - Liza Liza Elias Rehbani - Loulou Cacharel - Love Boat - Magnum - Maktab al tahrir Sawt Lebnan - Mala3eb al sighar - Max headbroom - Miami Vice - Mind your language - Nescafe - Pampa - Fame - Marie Brizard - Yes 3 bi 1 - Ramek - Re O Vac - Salade du chef Marwan Rehbani - Signal 2 - Sindibad - Dukes of Hazzard - Greatest American Hero - Tic O Tac - Finger Cadbury's - Vog - Pacman - Week End clothing - Yalla n3amer ya ashabi - Yan Yan - Yes Abou Fouad - Kassatly - Yplon - Zahar - Zeina w Nahoul - Transtel Cologne

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Renault 12, still reigns on Lebanese roads

Not much to comment here folks, but these are the Renault 12 I managed to shoot in one day while running errands, excluding the half a dozen or so I did not - it must tell you something about this car and the Lebanese psyche!
No wonder I included it in the Lebanon's history book series.
Artwork by Tarek Chemaly - Lebanon's history book series


Monday, April 13, 2015

#Fargobus تنذكر تما تنعاد

April 13th 40 years later. I doubt we have learned anything. Sadly. Fargo was the brand of the Ain el Roumaneh bus which was the onset of the Lebanese war. I still believe we have much in common and soon I shall prove it through the #Fargobus theory.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

黄色の矩形 - Rectangle Jaune big in Japan

The new Rectangle Jaune catalogue is being revealed by the company's creative director Maya Metni, in previous seasons, we had a taste of Hockney, Oscar Wilde and now comes Tokyo Fever. Yes, I do love the feel, the art direction, and damn me - for a conservative brand such as Rectangle Jaune - the vibrant colors still with a hint of upscalishness to them (it's me who changed, not them!). A twitter exchange showed that save from a green tutu and a Miyake Pleats Pleats skirt one is to expect all of this in the shops soon (also the bags shown are by Waste LB and not done in fancy leather like the Fendi monster!). Readers may not know that anime books are read the same way Arabic books are read (front to back when compared to Latin books), according to Maya, the company thought it outlandish to do the catalogue this way, still big thumbs up for the suggestion.
Below is the full catalogue for our collective enjoyment!

Vernacular Arabic in all its glory.

 Yesterday I fell on some brilliant examples of vernacular Arabic, first there's the Caritas ad above plastered on a wall which uses "do I look like Caritas to you?" used among people as a way of saying "hey, I am not an ambulant ATM" - used for the client itself it plays brilliantly on the paradox.
 Next Josons by way of selling Safari gunshots (pity the Safari logo is too small!) says "my gunshot is stronger than yours" an allusion to the way kids speak "bayye a2wa min bayyak" (my dad is stronger than yours).
 So, when a Sajj furn (Open air over bakery) opens near Sagesse school, what do you call it? Sajjesse obviously. Seriously, an extraordinary example of home grown copywriting.
And this from a witty bus driver... "smoking is allowed one day, banned the next, well today is the banned one!"...

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

U energy briliantly spoofs AUB and Zaatar w Zeit

U energy has my fullest respect... The ads above spoof the AUB logo and the Zaatar w Zeit one and puts them at the service of the gym! Located near AUB and trying to attract students gaining weight from the food present nearby this is a brilliant strategy to attract attention. And it works!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

The best Easter ad this year is...

Pictured above is the best ad for this year for Easter, it clearly depicts creativity, innovation and a wonderful oblique way for seeing what we thought was a stale topic where everything has been said. Congrats!
Wait, no picture above?
That's because this year all ads sucked. Sorry people, the outcome was too lame for words.
Here's hoping for a resurrection!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sakker el Dekkene, Nando's, and Ministry of Interior - Zabet!

Today, drivers woke up to the Sakker el Dekkene (anti-corruption NGO) stunt on cars placing "zabet" (or driving fine) on cars which are a complete spoof of our motoring registration system "nef3a" (which literally means "useful") calling it "useful not useful" (el nef3a mish nef3a). A great one indeed for April Fool's!
Interestingly, In 2008 Nando's used the zabet as well in a brilliant campaign "ma tekol zabet kol Nando's" (tekol zabet is jargon for get slapped with a fine but means "to eat a fine"), and the Ministry of Interior did it in 2009 did it too "mish akle" (not something nice to eat!) in 2009.
Copycats? Not at all, each with a different message and context!