Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tarek Chemaly x Ramadaniyat Beirutiya (series 6)

To those of you who missed it while it trickled on social media daily, here's the entirety of my series 6 collab with Ramadaniyat Beirutiya. As luck would have it I am off to town to print those 6 beauties to exhibit them at Biel within the context of Ramadaniyat which starts tomorrow with a loud bang. Retro kitsch vintage design has never been more contemporary!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Regarding the anti-gay # trending ( #تعوا_نتمسخر_ع_اللواط )

To those of you who love Lebanon unconditionally here's a newsflash! There is a serious anti-gay hashtag trending on twitter #LetsMakeFunOfTheHomos which is a translation to the #تعوا_نتمسخر_ع_اللواط going on there. Yes, that lovely "piece of heaven" (ot3et sama) actually thinks it has nothing better to do that to mock people because of their sexual orientation. Yes, I have written about this before, but you know what, the idiots out there still did not catch the message. It is people who are afraid of their own homosexual orientation who become homophobes, studies have proven that - scientifically. So there, a hidden homosexual is a homophobe. I would have said "f**k you" but that would give them too much pleasure according to science.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

"Triumph" is a failure

Photo credit: GM
This apparently is a father's day ad, for women's underwear (yes, the connection baffles me too). Still, if you are "daddy's little girl" (no incest connotations, I guess!) and you "pamper your dad" (hmmm, seriously, no incest connotations, otherwise "honni soit qui mal y pense"), then you get 15% off. To quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman "Bridg, he's not really my uncle" to which Bridget the sales lady replies "they never are, dear". If they're not your uncles, then maybe they're not your dads either.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tarek Chemaly x Ramadaniyat Beirutiya (series 5)

After vintage images of Beirut, old postcards, Beirut Tramway, classic tiles, now comes the Avo Hawarian throwback stamps painted as murals in Bourj Hammoud as the theme as the 5th series of collaboration with Ramadaniyat Beirutiya. Beirut and Ramadan get a glimpse of my retro kitsch design this year. Ramdaniyat is only 6 days away!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Did Al Wadi Al Akhdar copycat Gandour?

Hmmm, an intriguing one here. As much as I love the Al Wadi Al Akhdar ad (Baba has the right to be ghannouj (or to spoil himself) happy father's day), I cannot but see the similarities with the Gandour ad which went public two days prior. I am not saying it is a clear case of copycat, but when an ad like Gandour does go out so publicly even if Al Wadi had their done long before the logic and courtesy would imply them changing it presto to avoid copycat labelling in design and the confusion this comes with. So copycat or not, common sense (which seems rare in the ad industry believe me) would really indicate for Al Wadi to have modified their ads - apparently they thought the ad was so good they were resting on their transats (or chaise lounge) to do that. Shame!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tarek Chemaly x Ramadaniyat Beirutiya (series 4)

After old Beirut images, vintage postcards, Beirut Tramway, the fourth series of my collaboration with Ramadaniyat Beirutiya was themed around classic Lebanese tiles. Here it is in its entirety, enjoy and spread the word. Ramadaniyat event is coming our way on July 1rst so be ready to attend and enjoy!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Tarek Chemaly x Ramadaniyat Beirutiya (series 3)

Inspired by the now gone Tramway Beirut, the 3rd series of images of the collaboration with Ramadaniyat Beirutiya sees me delving more into the Beirut authentic past, hopefully to get some lessons from it to be able to go on to a better future, and if not, at least to get a vintage glimpse of the mad monster that Beirut is!