Friday, April 24, 2015

Eppur si muove: You cannot deny facts

"Eppur si muove" said Galileo Galilei.
"And yet it moves" he uttered as he stomped the ground after being released from house arrest for daring to suggest that the earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around.
Today it s an irrefutable truth.
Also today I will play the part of an organization I hate and despise, namely the SS but sadly the communication industry needs to be scourged from those who have no ethics, no values and are free riders pretending other people's ideas are their own, appropriating them, copying them, pretending they did the creative effort. But SS I shall be for it is "supremely" "sticky" (damn those initial again keep popping up!), to cleanse an industry I joined out of passion and commitment from being an engineer and economist.
You know who you are, and you cannot intimidate me.
You cannot accuse me of that I "slander", "defame" and "denigrate" you for you are doing a better job at this than anyone else can. After all, it is not me whose reputation is dragged in the mud, it is not me who copies ideas and layouts, it is not me who makes every client "guilty by association", it is not me whose name is synonymous to a joke in the market and only those who still not have heard of your petty acts still associate their reputation to yours.
Try as you might this article is not breaking any laws, it is not referring to you by name, it is not stating which acts you have done and still do. I am not a wordsmith for nothing. I can imply without recounting, you might learn a few tricks from me and become an honest advertiser.
But I am here, unwavering, steadfast, relentless in exposing your every ad copied, your every idea taken from someone else. Your sword of Damocles hanging by a horse's hair, ready to fall on you with every misstep, every lie, every fraudulent behavior.
You know who you are, and I am not afraid.
You cannot use your cheap tricks on me. Two can play this game. Of course, how can a person who feels no dignity feel indignation is beyond me, but it is "supremely" "sticky" to understand how you operate anyhow. For your have an illogic of your own, one that allows you to use pitched materials when you used to work at your former employer, one that allows you to look at student portfolios and borrow their ideas, one that allows you to use your previous material - sold or unsold - and recycle it again for newer clients still oblivious of your tricks.
The law forbids me to mention your name or refer explicitly to your moral traits, but still here I am - I will not back down, I will not retreat or shut up.
You screw up again and I will be here again.
You copy again and I will expose you again.
You appropriate other people's ideas and I will tell the world again.
Not just you, anyone else who does this.
Your mistake was to underestimate my commitment to my morals, a word whose meaning you do not even know.
Here I remain, your eternal nemesis. Your constant nightmare. Breathing over your neck waiting for you to repeat your pattern of behavior to - guess what - once more go public with your acts.
You cannot threaten me, you cannot put me into a corner.
The truth is on my side. The facts are on my side.
After all: "Eppur si muove".


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