Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Centennial of the Armenian genocide: I remember and demand

I grew up in what is arguably the only Armenian neighborhood in Achrafieh (right next to Surp Hagop and Azadamard club), so very early on (from elderly Armenian neighbours) I was exposed to the stories of the Armenian genocide which was still a very unheard of affair. But little by little, lately, a new voice has emerged - one that is shining a light on the 1,5 Million people who got killed on the hands of the Ottoman empire.
Above is the logo adopted throughout the world to commemorate the centennial of this tragedy, and in Lebanon - where the Armenian community is vibrant and very active culturally - it s frankly deployed massively with the headline used the world over "I remember and demand" (انا أتذكر واطالب) - a very concise yet powerful statement saying that time did not erase the memory and unless acknowledged by the perpetrators, this event will never have closure.
Armenian businesses are also putting it on their window shops and a specific campaign for Lebanon "we are all 1,5 Million" (كلنا مليون ونص) has been launched. I remember when my Armenian classmates at AUB did not show up for the Quizz II of the Biology 202 class which coincided with the April 24 commemoration, an event which shows how dedicated the community is to keep the date alive (anyone who was in Biology 202 knows that Quizz II is your make-or-break exam!).
You can always count on the incredible Sareen Akharjalian to best sum it up here!

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