Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vape redeems itself online

I know I was one of the most vocal opponents of the Vape "hazr tajawol" campaign labeling it as outright racist, I was also against the text messages which were so reminiscent of the war about "curfews" that according to someone I knew (and who is from the war generation such as myself) "blood stopped in my veins" before understanding it is an ad. The radio spot played the same tune in a Lebanon experiencing so many political incidents and so therefore flunked too!... Then comes this online installment - cute, fresh, timely and right within context.
I wish I wasn't so excited, but it's as if this one was done by a totally different agency with a totally different frame of mind. The idea is simple, two people are chatting, one of them realizes there's a mosquito inside the screen (yeah, mosquitoes are so annoying they would do anywhere), and then after the conversation ends with the guy changing the Vape there is a warning which makes it for the packshot. I mean it works and it doesn't insult anyone in the process! How cool is that?

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