Sunday, June 30, 2013

Samy Gemayel is the new spokesperson for Nasawiya!

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In retaliation to the way the entourage of MP Nadim Gemayel treated the women and men from Nasawiya feminist collective and the major backlash that resulted online from the original idea of claiming his convoy was attacked by 50 men, Samy Gemayel - cousin of Nadim and scion of the established political family and heir-to-the-throne of the Kataeb movement - has a change of heart and became a feminist himself thereby scoring political points from the endorsement and only deepening his cousin's embarassement
According to a press release from the Gemayel press office, "in memory of the incredible women within my own family some of whom had to endure a lot and prove themselves equal to men and even more resilient - specifically my late grandmother Genevieve who held the clan together - I am hereby espousing the feminist cause very well represented through Nasawiya."
"Not only do I remember my late grandmother, but also my aunt Solange who had to carry the legacy of her murdered husband - president-elect Bashir and my dear departed uncle, my sister in law Patricia who also had to go through life alone following the death of my brother Pierre. My thoughts go to my late cousin Maya who never grew up to experience the strength we imbibe women within our family. Naturally, I also think of my mother Joyce and sister Nicole who had to endure harsh personal and political circumstances and still came out strong and on top."
"To all the Lebanese women, of all political beliefs, religious orientation or geographical location, I salute all the effort you have done to keep our nation going strong in more than tumultuous times. It is with great privilege that I, from here on, associate myself to the causes of Nasawiya and plans are currently being made to launch a new advertising campaign with myself being the spokesperson of the collective (a sample of which is above and which is based on our earlier campaign for the 
executive forum of the Kataeb this year)."
As a final statement, Gemayel said "I hope my cousin Nadim's dinner was awesome despite those silly inconveniences caused by whomever happened to be nearby. The Seared Tuna Wasabi Sandwich is amazing, even if the Labneh Tradition would make him look more patriotic had he picked it".
At the time of going to press, Beirut/NTSC managed to contact one member of Nasawiya who had just finished "rotting in jail," and added in the same text message "loads to be done though".

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