Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ImpactDDBO steals Geita ad

Compare and contrast the above. Now contrast and compare. Now comp.... I give up! I give up!
Must we ALWAYS steal? Is this the answer to everything? ImpactBBDO has been caught red-handed just like many, many of our supposedly top agencies... Under the idea that "everyone else is doing it so can't we?" we are further dumbing down the standard of our morals, ethics (look up those words in case you don't know what they mean), and dignity (again, google it for definition).... So once more, a thief has been caught, no wonder ImpactBBDO is sponsoring "La nuit des Publivores" can you imagine how many of those 500 new ads they can steal? It would last them a full year of pseudo-creativity!
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