Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thank you Mr. BBDO

A Tarek Chemaly original painting "inspired" by Pablo Picasso

For the last week or so I have been offline for personal reasons, and I come back to find that I have opened a can of worms regarding the Geita grotto ad. They say "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" which means that somewhere, an aging director called Steven Spilberg, is smiling appreciatively, and is being comforted from the mediocre reviews his Tintin movie just generated. In addition, a French saying goes "une faute avouee est a demi parodnnee" (an admitted mistake is half forgiven) and it seems in the lexicon of ImpactBBDO (or is it Impact BBDO?) it is full - not just half - forgiven: In order not to appear as a thief, all you have to do is admit the theft and call it inspiration.
This post is being written several days after I received a call from BBDO regarding the post, so it is neither impulsive, nor hormonal. I have had time to mull things over in my head, and I am sticking to my guns and remain unappologetic.
One last reference comes to mind, it is that of actress Candice Bergen who portrayed journalist Murphy Brown in the famous television series, when she became a single-mother in the show, American Vice President Dan Quayle openly criticized her for this in 1992, so when in August that same year she got an Emmy award for her role, she said "thank you Mr. Vice President."
For stirring the controversy, for driving the readership of my blog sky high, and for opening the debate about theft/inspiration, I say: "Thank you Mr. BBDO."

PS: MORRON is actually spelled MORON with one R (this is a reference to one of the comments posted "anonymously" on the previous post.)


Anonymous said...

Ya 3ammeh Tintin hasn't received "mediocre" reviews. On the contrary. Get your facts straight.

Check the reviews on Metacritic and Rottentomatoes

Tarek Chemaly said...

When the Guardian and other leading critics bash you, if someone like Walla Walla news (in Washington state) says something positive, it doesn't make it positive reviews.... My facts ARE straight.

Anonymous said...

Metacritic and Rottentomatoes are not Walla Walla news. They are websites that give movies a score based on all critics' reviews.

It's unfair to judge a movie by one negative source, be it the Guardian or Walla Walla.

Even the greatest movies, like Citizen Kane and Godfather, have received negative reviews.