Thursday, March 31, 2011

Aishti survival kit

Anyone accusing Aishti of being a snotty, snobish and outright rude to its own customers and to the society at large might reconsider its position. Its new campaign centers around humanitarian aid to people in need throughout the world. Pictured in the ad is a skinny woman (due to malnutrition) in some unknown territory, who has lost her home (presumably due to either a tsunami or to rebels setting fire in it) who has nothing but a kayak to live in and whose possessions have been scattered away (by a fierce cyclone).
But fear not! The Aishti survival kit is here and the woman is clutching to it! It is a yellow box filled with things that can save the woman's life. But the contents are so jealously guarded, we shall never know what they are unless we are a woman/man who are suffering from malnutrition and who lost their homes and are living in kayaks and whose possessions have been scattered by a fierce cyclone.
Beirut/NTSC has learned that as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme Aishiti is currently in talks with Medecins Sans Froneiteres, UNICEF and the Red Cross to spread their survival kit as far and wide was possible.
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