Thursday, March 31, 2011

It takes two to FCUK.

French Connection UK (or FCUK for short) has a campaign running all over the Lebanese billboards "You are woman?" - I love the detour of the question instead of "are you woman?" - the way the headline is written implies much more "are you woman enough?"... And the visuals concentrate on women in dominating positions litteraly insulting men. The second visual, where women are on a balcony is a bit more interesting. One woman is whisting while the other is calling the man with her finger. What's interesting is the absence of the men which makes the ad more degrading....
The worst part is that they also sell a men's collection... Some of their t-shirts for this year read "Everyone's talking FCUK"... Including FCUK perhaps?

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Anonymous said...

You have to watch the films to get the campaign. unfortunately they are only running one part of a big campaign. The inspiration room has a nice summary of the entire thing with videos embedded.