Thursday, March 31, 2011

The city that never sleeps....

"It is their right for us to stand by them", with these words Caritas is engaging in its annual fundraising campaign... I still think that some of their older campaigns are much better, but what really attracted my attention was that this banner was actually on Doueihy sweets shop and - co-branded by the logo of Doueihy.
Finally some good news for those of us travelling abroad and for Lebanese mothers wishing to make a splash - ready to use mezze!... Stuffed vine leaves, etc, all of them done and ready and it's all provided by Gardenia (with won some award for that at some international exhibition, the ad reminds us).
Ghandour has three different campaigns running for three different chocolates, but they are so alike that I thought they were one campaign with three visuals! The headline focuses on "stuck on chocolate?" (or "stuck on fruits?" for the Tutti Frutti campaign). Considering I just blasted them for stealing "Tarboush" - I have to dig to see where the original chocolates come from!
Arze Chidiac, who co-presents LOL on Otv has now her own morning show on Radio Strike called "Kalem Neswen" (Or "women's talk"). I admit that I am the Lebanese genetic anomaly who has never watched LOL (I know what it is, I know what it does though) so judging by her speaking standards on LOL I can imagine the discussion that's going to go there ("So how good was the sex you had yesterday? And which positions did you practise?")....

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