Tuesday, July 6, 2010


What you see above is my ex-loyatly ex-card from Aishti.You see, I have received a temporary loyalty card from the shop more than three years ago, and for me the word "temporary" means something in a state of being tansient until it becomes permanent. But I guess Aishti sees it more the Lebanese way, ex: "shop temporary closed for renovation" means "we are going out of business but too ashamed to admit it", or "road temporary diverted" actually reads "follow the sealine alternative route because this one will never open again." So after having consulted many times several Aishti outlets about the state of my temporary card, the ubiquitous answer was: "We are issuing new ones and upgrading our database." The drop that broke the dam came when recently I was attempting to purchase and item and the shop assistant litteraly laughed at the card - at which I snapped that "it wasn't for me to pursue you to get a new one! I have consulted you time and time again and you have done nothing!"... Still, I took it the civilized way and yesterday went yet one more time to an Aishti store explaining once more the dilemma. The assistant said, "We are issuing new ones and upgrading our database."
I kindly explained to her that I have heard this for the last three years and this is when she blurted the unescapable truth: "But sir, we don't issue (permanent) loyalty cards to just anyone!"... And there you have it, yours truly is not part of the Lebanese glitterati who have open accounts at the upscale store and spend fortunes there while scorning anyone who buys during sales (such as myself). Well, in French there is this new concept of consom'action, whereby every citizen or consumer does his own bit to speak against brands or save the environment or whatever have you.
So here's my own two cents (or much more than two cents judging by Aishti prices): If Aishti thinks that my business is negligible and unworthy of their attention, then I will act and chose to take my business elsewhere. Truly, what I said to the shop assistant summarized the whole situation: "It is not your fault" - indeed, she has been taught to deal only with the upper end of the market conforming to the sales strategy of the shop, but the fault was entirely mine for chosing to patron such an AISHIT.
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