Thursday, July 1, 2010

Stars in their eyes

The new kafalat campaign is out from Byblos bank. Creatively speaking, it is a bit plain - in the same repertoire (but in a much better way) please check Nadim Zgheib's graduation project at USEK last year - but it was this execution that interested me the most. First let me tell you about the rest of the campaign - in one visual you see 6 coffee cups in a tray that can hold 24 and the line is "expand your business with up to 600 million LBp" same thing with a wooden basket contianing 6 apples but can hold much more etc... Then I saw this one: At first I thought it much better than the rest. Then the more I thought the more I realized that this one was off-brief. After all, what do you get when you expland a 2-star hotel? Well, you get a 2-star hotel with more rooms! Not a 5-star  hotel. So the quid pro quo that happened was the there is a big difference between "expand" your business and "unprgade" your business. But I guess it is none of my business all of this!
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