Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bil 3arabi el mchabrah....

I notice the cute ad by Smeds (cheese) advertising the draw for a car... "Are you living on a prayer?" it says, in Arabic however, the expression is "living on a chick and a dot" - which I think makes the presence of the yellow chick a bit redundant but the use of the family of an motorcylce (or even a scooter) makes sense are sadly it is a reality (minus the helmet as usually the child is used as an airbag in case of an accident and nevermind his death!)... There is another execution which portrays a girl stuck in a taxi next to a man who obviously thinks she is cute and she doesn't reiprocate.
As for the other ad, the one from BHV, I simply put it to highlight the major Arabic error in its arabic. La2ta is actually LAKTA (or good catch!).... So how could such an ad have gone to print with such a blatant error is beyond me, if that's her Arabic, then I wonder about the rest of her marital skills (and it seems you get a nosey mother-in-law with the package)... How enticing!
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