Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How eggciting of an Easter!!!

What an eggciting Easter this promises to be! First, Twix has taken over the positioning of Kit Kat, so next time you want to have a break, have a Twix... I love the idea of the twin bars dong the "pause" sign... But? Was it really necassary to pick that positioning?
Pyrex - a brand so reliable it became invisible - is reviving its nostalgia by mixing it with a dash of feelings through the continuity of generations in a very tender ad which convenes real emotions.
And here's another deja vu as well! Picon use the "melts" part just like Darina did in August 2009... Hmmm, I am not saying it's theft, just incredibly bad research!
An award goes to Hawa chicken for what looks like a home cooked ad... "May all your days be white" but with the word "egg" in Arabic also meaning "white" (bayda)... The trick is played majestically.
And last but not last, Cote d'or chocolate attemps a major resurrection (pardon the pun as this is Easter) by launching a campaign about "finding the elephant rather than the egg" this Easter.
And with this Beirut/NTSC goes for the very serious task of egg hunting, Good Friday ritual and other simple pleasures of life.
"Al Massih kam... Hakkan kam" (The messiah has risen - Indeed he has) The beauty of this is that it takes two people, two believers, to assert the truth about the resurrection. So instead of just saying "Happy Easter" as in English, in the Arabic version it takes two to corroborate the news of the miracle.
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