Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Saatchi... Come again?

So now it is official, what used to be Saatchi&Saatchi has become (after splitting the Beirut and Amman offices from the network) M&C Saatchi. M&C stands for Maurice and Charles, the original Saatchi brothers who founded the agency and who were thrown out of the board after a coup. For their first release, M&C graces us with "You no longer have to say it twice" - which works on many levels. The first being that of course instead of saying the name two times, you only have to do it once now. The second, at least for me, seems like shooting themselves in the foot. Because normally, when you have to repeat something, it means the person did not get it from the first time around (when we are feeble minded I guess!)... So does this mean that Saatchi (M&C) are saying they regret the original 18 year partnership with S&S?.... On all accounts, just for the annecdote, when M&C was created worldwide, a lot of employees migrated from S&S to M&C, and the first ad M&C launched was "What Saatchi&Saatchi Really Think About US".... Normally, one would expect a lot of cursing and bashing, instead the whole ad was composed of reference letters that ex-S&S employees got before joining M&C flattering them as to how wonderful, efficient, brilliant and creative they are!...
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