Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"Archewallogy San Francisco"/"The Colors of Wisdom" on 7UPstairs publishing

After the smash success of "Archewallogy" (chiefly thanks to you), I am now back with another book-song-video, only this time straight from San Francisco. I am indebted to the talent of Alejandro Magyaroff for the exceptional layout, for Jeremie Regnier for giving life so masterfully (through music and interpretation) for my poem "the colors of wisdom" and for Celine Daccache for brilliantly animating it.The book (and my previous ebook releases) is found on: (it is a large file to preserve the quality of the photos And the video can be found on: I am injecting money and time into doing these projects and you know I am sharing them for free, so I would truly appreciate it if you just give these endeavours the exposure they deserve by sending the links to all those who might be interested in them!....I count on you this time around to do what you did with the original "Archewallogy"....Sincerely,Tarek PS: Any press contacts are highly appreciated, specifically in San Francisco.....
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