Saturday, July 12, 2014

Malak el Tawouk rebrands. Pointlessly.

Zaatar w Zeit, Matta, Boubouffe, Napoletana, Enoteca, Debbane, LBC, Al Baqara al Haloub, Credit Bank, and the list goes on and on - some of them went well, some less well, some were a complete fiasco. What did they all do?
Well, rebrand!
And now it is Malak al Tawouk doing it.
Photo credit: No Garlic No Onions
Well, as you can see from the above, the old vs the new logo. Malak al Tawouk means "king of chicken brochette" which is why the "crown" was added. And if you look even more closely, the word "malak" is written in both Arabic and Latin in both crowns (hint - this could be a repetition of one of the most recognizable logos in Lebanon which includes letters, namely the Hawa Chicken).
I guess by now everyone who reads Beirut/NTSC knows I am not in favor of rebranding - there will always be something forgotten (a napkin, a delivery van, a cap, etc....) which will make the brand exist with two logos and identities, one old one new.
Was the Malak el Tawouk rebranding necessary? No. Will it change its target audience which is currently composed of E socio-economic classes and above and just about every employee working at a reachable distance? No it will not. Will it deliver new values or vision to the brand? Are you kidding! So why do it?
As another brand gets a treatment I despair to understand the reasons!

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