Wednesday, October 15, 2014

What Liz Sarkisian can teach Amal Clooney

And so it happened, the honeymoon is over. I mean literally. A woman goes to a honeymoon, her husband leaves early to start working again, and she goes back to her career and travels to Athens alone. Sounds bleak doesn't it?
Well, let's put things in perspective a bit.
Star couple Amal Alamuddin and husband George Clooney had a super wedding followed by a lavish honeyomoon, the husband travelled to the US to plug his recent blocbuster release, and she herself is currently advising the Greek government as to the return of the Elgin marbles which are being held in the UK.
Nothing to see here folks, keep driving.
But today's news was huge in its own right. Amal Alamuddin in a move that actually took down the website of her employer due to immense traffic actually changed her name (in the few seconds that the website was actually up) to "Amal Clooney".
There, I can already hear the accusations: she failed all feminist principles, she took his name to ride his coattails because of her post-wedding fledging career, she has become the epitome of submissiveness to male patriarchy, oh and she wore a moulant white dress with gigantic retro sunglasses on her first day of work (I had to put this in).
Now, before we go too harsh on Amal, here's a precedent:
Liz Sarkisian!
The Lebanese actress, when trying to launch a career in Egypt, dubbed herself as "Eman". Try as she might to actually get the name hold, everyone - apart from movie posters - kept calling her Liz Sarkissian (someone even joked she should just say "Eman, formerly Liz Sarkissian" - in Arabic it's funnier "Eman, Liz Sarkissian sabikan").
So, whatever Mrs. Clooney wishes to be called officially, she is joining the trend of Beyonce touring as Mrs. Carter, or one Kim Kardashian (not sure if you ever heard of her) getting a new passport under the name of Kim West (it turns out she was married to a guy from that family you know).
Bottom line:
Amal Clooney, Alamuddin sabikan.

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