Friday, July 18, 2014

Kifbetwaffirmay - saving water in a laudable initiative.

Photo credit G.H.
At a time when we are suffering major water shortage and that someone came up with the idea of buying water from Turkey (what an irony!!!), there's an intitiative circulating in town from the Lebanese Ministry of Energy and Water and the EU Kifbetwaffirmay (a website, twitter account already exist). Media wise, the campaign features two kids one saying "you educate us in the best of schools, that's not enough, leave us some water" whereas the boy says "you inherit us houses and lands, that's not enough, leave us some water".
This campaign is indeed needed at this time of major water shortage, and obviously the work to do it and get it out to the public was done in record time which is impressive. Even the tone of voice is not too pitiful or sad, just enough to raise awareness without turning people off. My major concern? Who thought of this unpronouncable name for the campaign or the twitter handle (it took me 4 days to research this since I was not able to spot the name of the campaign printed in perpandicular (seriously, whoever thought of doing this is just media blind) on the billboard and eventually be able to comment on this!).
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