Wednesday, July 16, 2014

About that Chicklets redesign campaign!

Photos via Blog Baladi

Chicklets is trumpeting via a campaign which involved a teaser and a badly laid out revealer of their redesign, hower, if you have bough Chicklets bubble gum anytime since at least 6 months, you'd have realised the redesign of the package is not new. Which of course begs the question of what now.
The only good thing about the campaign is the line "ta2 el 7anak sar elo ta3me" - "ta2 el 7anak" figuratively means time wasting, but also means literally "the sound make by the lower jaw" (in reference to talking too much i.e. gosspiping and in this case chewing the gum).
Usually the expression is "ta2 7anak bala ta2me" or "too much moving of the jaw without any taste"... Which brings us to the line "moving of the jaw is now full of taste".
The new campaign pales in comaprison with Elie Elias project from USEK on Chicklets which you can find here!

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