Sunday, June 22, 2014

Almaza pisses on itself, recycles slogans.

They say pissing is recycling beer... And it seems Almaza is pissing on itself recycling its slogans - in 2011 when Lebanon played Korea for the Asian eliminations, Almaza launched the pre-match ad "el kouri ma bi dayen" (Korean manufacturing does not last) and now for the current world cup they come up with "hayda awal match bass el almani bi dayen" (this was the first match but German manufacturing lasts). So technically, Almaza just pissed on itself!
As for their second ad "el e7tiyat wejeb" which double plays on "better be safe than sorry" and "you should always have some back up" for the beer, that too they did before using Ziad Rehbani (at the time I commented it was not wise to use a known alcoholic man to promote an alcoholic beer).
On the other hand maybe Almaza thought what worked once would work again, so if it ain't broke, don't fix it - even if it means wetting your pants!

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