Saturday, June 21, 2014

Did Castania just steal BeirutNTSC? (UPDATE)

I published my own on June 5 theirs on June 18. So apparently they did take it from me.

I just got this message from Castania Nuts via Facebook after mailing them:
Thank you for your message. Tabit awkatoukom was not stolen , but i guess great minds think alike. We always look forward to be creative and different. We are big fans of Beirut/Ntsc as well. Have a nice weekend.

Which of course says nothing, justifies nothing, and makes no sense. Oh and if they are fans of Beirut/NTSC how come they did not see my own before? Anyhow if - as they pretend - this is not theft, then certainly it is a case of very bad research (rule 1: see if your ad or concept has already been done. I spent 3 hours researching the internet before posting mine!). And if you are to be "creative and different" might as well come up with something different than what is already there.

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