Sunday, June 22, 2014

Real life Lemony Snicket has been found in Lebanon

For those of you who do not know Lemony Snicket - he's the author of (and also a character in) "a series of unfortunate events" which is a line of books whereby every imaginable bad thing that could happen, ends up happening (comparatively Murphy's laws are benign when you put them to the scale of horror of Lemony Snicket), and here ladies and gentlemen we have found the real life Lemony Snicket boy in Lebanon.
Introducing the boy who lost his parents in the SOS villages ad and the one whose father comes back to beat him the March ad against domestic violence. The poor kid is having it bothways - first no parents, then an abusive father shows up.
And here is the photographic proof:
The SOS village ad.
The March ad.
I truly feel sorry for this kid, but, seriously, things seem to go from bad to worse for him... Here's hoping that the future will be better, but for Lemony Snicket it was just the beginning of even more "unfortunate events"....

PS: Major credit goes for Milad Issa for immediately recognizing the face after thinking for 2 days where I had seen it before and not being able to localize him.

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