Saturday, May 24, 2014

Exotica grooms itself. And it is all well.

When exotica stops using faces and models in their ads, great things happen. Yes, I spoke so much in the past as how much they are going on a hit and a miss in their ads but if we take their wedding campaign, their Easter campaign of this year (which I did not get to include in the round up but here is it anyhow below):
And even their mother's day ad for this year (where they used Arabic) was relatively fine - it seems that so far - 2014 seems a return to form for Exotica.
By the way, in terms of concept, the above seems to be the male equivalent (or the Ellen DeGeneres equivalent - she got married in a suit after all!) of the "wedding couture" of 2011.
I am not going to play party-spoiler (or in this case wedding-crasher) for Exotica. I am just glad they pulled themselves together - so far. So here's hoping!

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