Monday, July 9, 2012

Exotica: How I LOVED thee, let me count the ways!

"A good reputable brand, with prestigious pedigree, having an international and cosmopolitan profile, known to be joyful and upbeat yet conservative and abiding my society's moral codes, non politically aligned yet patriotic; is seeking a strong, reliable, creative advertising agency for serious marriage prospects. Previous relationship ended due to irreconciliable differences over lack of creativity of partner."

If I were Exotica that's exactly the kind of matchmaking ad I would place, as the relationship with my current partner (need I name it? H&C Leo Burnett) is certainly on the rocks. You know the expression, "we should see other people"? Well, it is high time for Exotica to explore other prospects.
And yet, of course, in defense of Leo Burnett doesn't make them like they used to - case in point this 2007 campaign about the different kinds of marriages (which proves my point that Arabic use is NOT incompatible with Exotica - unless the copywriter failed to find the word "eloping"!). So if they used to this kind of brilliant and totally mind-boggling ads.... What happened to them? And most importantly, why hasn't Exotica taken things in hand and started actively dating someone else? And if all excuses fail, there's always the "It's not you, it's me" line which the Exotica people can say as they leave the table (with tears glittering in their eyes to the powder room).
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