Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Almaza: Hameda Kif? Hameda tamem!

Image credit Beirut/NTSC

Oh forget that stupid ad Almaza came up with for their new cerveza - the "radler" which promises Almaza and lemon. Bimramounada proclaims the silly, corny, uncreative, and super unimaginative slogan (biramounada in case you missed the idiocy is a mixture of bira - beer - and laymounada - lemonade). Well, as the saying goes "when life gives you lemon, make lemonade" except the people behind the ad made a whole mess instead.
To redeem the situation Beirut/NTSC is doing the ad that should have been done. I simply went back to one of the most known slogans in advertising history in Lebanon, the one that was directed to Junal - the artificial lemon flavor to be added to food - and the instantly classic line (so instant that when it first aired during the evening, the next day early morning the priest goes to our exam room and asks "hameda kif?" to the uproar of the students!).
So what does the line "hameda kif? hameda tamem" mean (How's its citrus? It's citrus is perfect). As a matter of fact, there has been a debate is the very popular slogan did not contribute negatively to the brand because when "hameda Junal" (the last tagline) appears, people were already quoting the first part of the ad only leaving the brand name out in the cold.
Still, Almaza really missed a huge opportunity at recycling the line, which if they did and unlike other thieves out there who steal anything and everything, this one would be right in place as a tribute to a saying we still repeat till today and which would have drawn smiles on people's faces.

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