Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Abir Ghattas tonight at Latcho, Marseille.

Photo credit: Abir Ghattas

Ladies and gentlemen this is a live broadcasting via Marseille, France. Our own Abir Ghattas is exhibiting at Latcho tonight (right now!) and she just sent us these proofs of her incredible style. Oh, and so much for not being biased. I am, I am! After all my bragging rights include publishing the above series (most of it at least) in a book entitled "In a place where nothing happens" (which Abir decidated to Patrick and Zein) and which you can consult here!
It is sad Abir had to go out of Lebanon to find a place to exhibit her gems, but we are immensely proud of her and like I told her and Zein before going to France "parce que nous aimons trop pour te retenir" (because we love you too much to hold you back, lyrics from Jean-Jacques Goldman) I am glad they are finding their path elsewhere. Tonight I am egoistic enough (along with a certain Patrick) to have pushed her over the edge to do those photos! Congratulations.... It seems Marseille is NOT "a place where nothing happens"!!!

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