Thursday, May 8, 2014

#BringBackOurGirls while you #stopkony - #slacktivism at its worst.

When I first heard about the #BringBackOurGirls I was immediately reminded of #stopkony ... Apparently I am not the only one judging by @tokyorich (Richard Smart) and I am sure many others. Oh sure, it's easy to dismiss me as a luddite who doesn't even own a smartphone any longer, or as someone who is really not too versed into technology despite having several of his activities online, but if anything at least I am consistent in admitting the limitations of online life and tools. Kony is still out there exploiting "invisible children", Boko Haram still has the hundreds of girls kidnapped threatening to sell them off as brides, and women are still beaten in marathons destined to empower them. So in the words of that great Crisis Relief ad, "Liking isn't helping".

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