Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Achkar has its blonde moment. (UPDATE)

Remember was I mistook for another March 14 idiocy? Thankfully for them they went scot free as the culprit turned to be a herbs and spices company called Achkar which literally means "blond" in Arabic and no offence to smart blondes (some say they're a mythical figure like Santa Claus) this is among the dumb ones!... So "what's the color of the cedars?" "the color of the cedar is blond (Achkar)". Seriously this takes idiocy to new heights. Or lows.
I have gotten this remark from Patrick Chemali (no relation) which says "he is playing on the similarity between Arz الأرْز (cedar) and Aroz الأرُز(rice) thus the Aroz is blond". Just when you thought the ad could not get lousier!

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