Monday, March 10, 2014

No, Lindt does not own the Easter Bunny

Just in case anyone is confused, Lindt (no matter how tasty) does not own the Easter bunny. Heck, they don't even own the gold one with a ribbon and bell on it. In 2012 "the European Union Court of Justice (ECJ) upheld a decision of the EU trademarks agency OHIM, which rejected Lindt's application for a trademark of its sitting bunny shapes wrapped in gold foil with a red ribbon bow tie."
Lindt & Spruengli also lost the case over German chocolate maker Confiserie Riegelein since 2000 to try to stop it producing similar chocolate bunnies. but won one against the Austrian Hauswirth firm. However, over all, the Lindt Goldbunny is not a recognized trademark on the EU level.
The fun fact is that Haribo won over Lindt for infringing copyright for producing a bear called "teddy" which closely resembles the jellies that Haribo make. This has prompted Lindt to issue the teddy in a totally different format to avoid confusion.
And this brings me to another Easter bunny in the market "MaltEaster".... I never saw it in the Lebanese market prior to this year... But interesting don't you think?

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