Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Unica, 2 tales of an ugly math.

When Unica unveiled their line not long ago "witness to our lives" (3ayech osassna - literally "living our stories" ) to mostly positive enthusiasm, little did we expect that the follow up would be this... ugly. This is definitely a follow up campaign because it features the line "instead of of one story, two stories" (which refers to the original line). Of course they are indicating that now the Unica bar has been split into two a la Twix.
But the campaign is truly visually horrible. And it conceptually refers to math - the first visual "1 for me = 1 for you" the second translates into "nice coup" (but the X sign means "coup" and "multiplication" at the same time).
What is bizarre is that the TVC they launched a while bad was actually well filmed, very nicely art directly. But the billboards here are terribly off key, unappealing, and are eyesores across town.

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