Saturday, March 1, 2014

Al Joumhouria - as messed up as our republic

When "badna rasak" came out - the new line for Al Joumhouria - I was ambivalent about it. Then came the most superfluous revealer in the history of revealers - and now, out of nowhere, we have a new line for a new billboard without the previous selling line as a signature (which was supposedly established as "badna rasak"). Confused?
Join the club. Suddenly, there are a few billboards that say "tajma3 al rou2ous bil aklam" - OK this comes from the words "rou2ous aklam" or "pencil heads" an implicit way of indicating sparse info to that lead to other things. So the word play is "it joins the pencils with the heads/brains".
Actually, the line is not so bad. But... What does it mean? Suddenly we have a new headline, which runs parallel to the already established signature, all while the other ads are on adjacent billboards. Strategically, creatively and conceptually... I have no clue what this means!
Since Al Joumhouria means "republic", well maybe they are as messed up as our republic indeed.

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