Sunday, March 2, 2014

Forget Stockholm: It's the Beirut Syndrome.

 Elisabeth Oldgren
Gunnel Birgitta Lundbald
Kristin Enmark
Sven Safstrom

File portraits of the four bank clerk hostages held during the Norrmalmstorg robbery, which occurred in the Kreditbanken bank, in Norrmalmstorg square in Stockholm: Gunnel Birgitta Lundbald, Kristin Enmark, Elisabeth Oldgren and Sven Safstrom. The hostages came to trust their captors and after the standoff ended the term "Stockholm Syndrome" was coined by criminologist Nils Bejerot to describe hostages that become attached to their captors.
Except it was not Stockholm. It was Beirut.
What other city kicks you in the teeth and keeps you coming back for more?

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