Monday, February 24, 2014

Al Joumhouria lands the year's stupidest revealer.

Photo credit: G.H.
Remember the new Al Joumhouria line? The other day I was taking a cab from Sassine and the ad showed on a billboard - it was still "badna rassak" (a double entendre beween "wanted dead or alive" and "we want your brain"), and I asked my taxi driver about it. "As someone who used to fight during the war it spooks me, but it is obvious they want my brain"... Which brings us to the silliest revealer - which is superfluous! When everyone understood that the previous line (since it was signed by a newspaper) had a double-entendre of "your head" and "your brain"... Why do we need the above? There are several versions "because your head calculates", "because your head analyses", "because your head thinks"... "Because your advertising agency is ripping you off on booking"... Ooops, the last one is mine.
On the plus side, we just had the silliest campaign (there was absolutely no need for a reveal) and so other agencies are safe for a few months to come - unless a certain agency gets "inspired" (i.e. copies something from someone else)....


(...) said...

I SO agree.

Anonymous said...

Tacky teaser. Tackier revealer.
Double assault by a newspaper who speaks like a criminal.

Al Jomhouria obviously wants m brains, but I'll only grant it the middle finger.