Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Bonofa scam comes to Lebanon.

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The Bonofa Cube7 came to Lebanon at Le Royal hotel. Or at least its presentation did. Some people were way less than impressed, Just like their international counterparts. So what is Bonofa? It seems to be a scheme where people recruit people and earn points for it, and when the other people recruit more people everyone gets points, and... It's a social media app which is supposed to revolutionize - well, practically everything. Oh and when you pay you don't even get shares - you just get "dotcom points".
The interface was supposed to be active on Sept. 22nd, but it did not. I am sure those who paid the VIP packages of 2,490 Euros I would be interested in them keeping their word. Which they did not.
For your info, the app was pre-launched for investors on 7/7 at Pier7 but there's still no tangible product to deal with. Or tangible money for that matter (apart the one you "invest") with no paper in sight.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is obviously a fishy investment, so please watch out.

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