Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Civil war - Sami Saab vs Clementine?

 Home City by Clementine (Unpublished layout)
Home City by Phenmona

Now this threatens to be a civil war of some sorts. Sami Saab, former creative partner at Clementine, has opened his own boutique agency named Phenomena. Apparently he has taken clients with him, including Herro Home Holding which is the mother company of Solet Tapis, Home City, Drapd'lit and Flair.
I am here to question the ethics of the move, but in a very eerie event, Clementine has made public all the unpublished all the layouts they have done for the Herro Home Holding in 2013....
Now this is very freaky. It turns out what Clementine had prepared for Home City is almost a lookalike for what Phenomena ended up selling them. This means that the ideas had been brewing in Clementine before they were transfered to Phenomena (including typography, image chosen, layout, concept, etc...).
Did Clementine make public all those unpublished layouts to stop Saab from using what essentially agency material? Did Saab not just take the client with him but also the ideas he has previously sold when he was still at Clementine? Was Herro aware of the duplication of ideas? Where does the ethics of this matter lie and who or whom trespassed the boundaries?
This post has been written without resorting to talk to any of the protagonists and I am willing to amend it if a clear response gets me from any of them.
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