Saturday, November 2, 2013

The cola wars - a Hallowin-win situation

And so the cola wars have begun anew to the delight of all of us. Alert, stand guard, and... Attaaaaaaaaaaaack! When Pepsi poked (a Facebook term) Coca-Cola on Halloween with "we wish you a scary halloween" (with a can of Pepsi dressed as a coke, the latter just answered "everybody wants to be a hero!" with the exact same visual, same typo and same art direction (please note that the Coca-Cola answer might be a hoax and therefore not an official release from the company, but who cares? This is the internet, this is today, and the war rages on!).
All of this reminds me of the brilliant spoof by the Onion newspaper and the Cola War Monument erected in Washington D.C.:
Why is it suddenly I am thinking of Frankie Goes to Hollywood and their song "Two Tribes" - Ladies and Gentlemen pick your teams!

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