Saturday, November 2, 2013

Polio is back to Syria - لقحوا اطفالكم لا ينفع الندم (UPDATED)

Polio is back to Syria sadly. One can only repeat the famous slogan from the Ministry of Health in Lebanon "Vaccinate your children, being sorry won't help" (لقحوا اطفالكم لا ينفع الندم). Oh, and YES, I have the jingle and I reconstructed the ad in vintage style.

This came from a doctor:
This is not about vaccination only, this is about horrendous living conditions and lack of sanitation.
Polio is transmitted through the oral fecal route. All it takes is one person who has the virus replicating to poop and then other kids drink that water and the rest is an epidemic.
This is more about the atrocities of war, not just vaccination. Never mind the fact that who is going to have a vaccination campaign now.
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