Sunday, October 13, 2013

A mixed bag from around town

It's been a while since I did a round up of the ads in town. This time it's a mixed bag. First there are all those offers from cell phone providers about tabs, the one below comes from Alfa about "learning while having fun" - I guess no one heard about those students in Los Angeles who cracked their tabs and played video games instead of learning in class.
 As always it is the home grown copywriting that amazes me. A cell phone shop called MarCell? (own of course by a guy named Marcel?)... Such examples are a pleasure to find. This food joint is called "Jit bwa2tak" - you came right on time - yes, food always comes right on time to the hungry (never mind the major typo mistake in the second line though).
By the way, since both providers (Alfa and Touch) play catch up with one another, it was inevitable that Touch would be running ads for the same service simultaneously on the roads. Above is a sample. Notice the clear gender stereotypes however - the boy will be the doctor, the girl is the one having artistic inclinations and playing the violin.
And speaking of cell phones, our companies have not been generous to us - Lebanon is practically a monopoly (for 2 companies that would be a duopoly) so there weren't many offers - this one is a bit interesting. Maybe they are feeling the heat somewhere? This reminds me of Lilly Allen's famous character Berenice "we don't care, we don't have to care! We're the phone company!"
 "Jeftak bil Rabyeh" - the new Josons ad is either coming from Sami Saab who used to handle the brand at Clementine before her left or from someone there with the same penchant for word gimmicks. "Jift" is shotgun - "Chift" is I saw you. So the headline doubles as "I saw you in Rabyeh" or "your new shotgun in Rabyeh".
 Nissan Tiida is a fortress. Fine, but they really have to be so tacky communicating that? Notice how the two II are now connected to give the impression of a Roman fortress ruin. Cheap.
And just before we close off, let's look at this new ad from Maggi. I am sure it is great, super, very brand-fitting and objective-enhancing. If only I could understand it though.... "Don't let get taste go too far"? Yes, an ad about Maggi is advising customers not to let taste go too far. I give up!


Ahmad Fatayerji said...

the Magi ad is for the bag that comes bundled with the packaging, to "trap" the flavor while cooking.

I too, was wondering what are they talking about, but then noticed the small, not-so-clear writing.

Tarek Chemaly said...

It already says a lot if two people saw the ad - one barely understood it, one did not understand it at all... Ads should be easily readable! But thanks for the explanation Ahmad.

M.II said...

law min el benet 3am tetala3 mich mafhoum jeftak = cheftak DISLIKE