Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tarek Chemaly's "But you can never leave" - Updated

Based on my art series released earlier this year "... But you can never leave" I am very pleased to bring you these additions which still talk about the Beirut Hotels as dipped in NTSC (Never Twice Same City) sauce, as a way to exercise the memory and to see which part is truth and which is fiction and where the line is drawn. Should you desire a to purchase a copy of this or other works, do visit for details.
 Holiday Inn
 Riviera Hotel
 Summerland Hotel


Habib Battah said...

Very cool concept. I love the Holiday Inn one. Do you have a high res so we can read all the text. Who knew they had 500 rooms! Does any hotel have that many today?

Tarek Chemaly said...

Habib the full original series can be seen here
As for the Holiday Inn, the original ad is found on this link
My own high resolution limited edition artworks can be purchased from (cheap shot I know, but heck, a bit of marketing never hurt anyone).