Saturday, October 12, 2013

SGBL plays it condom-safe for its 60th anniversary.

SGBL is celebrating its 60th anniversary with this new TVC. It is well done, well shot, with exclusive music by Khaled Mouzannar. And it is boring as all hell!
Oh and it stars the incredibly irritating Marcel Ghanem (one of our most prominent media figures whose laugh is often mocked in caricature shows - this is not slander - watch any comedy show and see how his laugh is imitated left and right). In addition, when flying abroad to meet one of our luminary MPs, and when the MP said his salary was barely sufficient for him... Mr. Ghanem did not even challenge that propagandist narrative by asking him how he was sustaining himself in a luxury hotel for months at a time!
Still, Mr. Ghanem is supposed to anchor a very interchangeable ad which could have fit any bank-insurance company-official body celebrating whatever milestone.
Everything is there, and by God, I assure you, we have seen them before. All of them - the ballerina in a dilapidated setting, the workers rushing to help one another to mend a house torn by the war, a slice of life about a family arguing (which is often used as a metaphor for the civil war years), the shots of Beirut with dreamy colors, and - pardon me Mr. Mouzannar - the conventional prepackaged music which is supposed to indicate romanticism-dipped-in-resilience-with-a-dash-of-hardship. Yes, all been done before.
On the plus side, the 60th anniversary logo is indeed very nice - with the infinity symbol tucked in nicely there. Pity they can only use it in 20 years (it doesn't work for 70). And in case you missed the irritating smile on the TVC, here it is:

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