Monday, June 24, 2013

Afkart - art (قرط) other people's ideas

Research credit: L.I.

And voila! Since everything related to creative industries in Lebanon centers around theft and copycat, even announcing an art event is "inspired" (i.e. nicked, stolen) from somewhere else. Above is this year's announcement for the Afkart which has been liberally adapted from the work beneath whose original source is here. In the text about imagination where the second work comes from are these words: "Imagination is an effort of the mind to develop a discourse that had previously been known, a development of a concept of what is already there by the help of our reason, to develop a results of new thinking." It seems whomever did the announcement for Afkart only read "a concept of what is already there" - so thought it was an open invite to steal - and forgot about that last part "new thinking" which obviously he or she is incapable of.
In Arabic "art" (قرط) is a very cheapo/slang word to indicate "theft" - so maybe there too someone took it too literally.
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