Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cruel Summer by Banana(D)rama.

It seems that the ideal way of spending summer is to "drive the neighbors deaf" because - according to ice cream brand Cornelli - "the summer is ours". Some of us, being neighbors ourselves, beg to differ about this.
Not only is McDonald's selling line is "I'm lovin' it" but apparently it is loving you too. This was seen outside the American University of Beirut, congratulating the graduating class. Fun fact: Once, the electricity bill of one the oldest and most prestigious universities in Lebanon (and my alma mater) with indications saying: Opposite McDonald's.... Sigh!
Poppins, our local corn flakes, have for some time now been launching this promotion of a gift of 50 diamond rings (no idea about the mechanism of the operation though). I am still trying to figure out the link between this giveaway and the identity of the corn flakes - the line "teslam hal id" means "may this hand be preserved" a local blessing for someone who has done you well. Still confused.
And in case you missed Arabs got talents, why not watch all-things-chicken-maker Tanmia and its own "product of the year" (once more, I still think it's a scam!) ad about their own "Tanmia has talents".
And here's one that annoys me quite a bit. It's from Khoury Home parading the line "3 years of your life with no interest" unfortunately, the first way to read it is "three years of your life gone to waste". Which is not exactly something that Lebanese, already stuck in dead-end situations do not want to hear in terms of double entendre.
It is a slow summer here in Lebanon, as these ads show, something is amiss since advertising is the barometer of how the economic cycle is doing.
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