Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Two wrongs don't make... or is it two rights don't make...

This ad, courtesy of the Free Patriotic Movement, has been running for a while - "together, we will return our right". Interesting is that the FPM has never addressed the Christian community (to which belong its supporters) as their previous tone of voice was mainly directed to the Lebanese at large with the leader of thr FPM General Michel Aoun himself being criticized for saying "The Christians are the least of my worries" (which taken out of context of someone trying to address the nation at large seems pretty bad).
The retaliation, coming from the arch-rivals of the FPM - namely the Lebanese Forces - came under this shape and form:
"This is how they are getting our right back" - and above a whole list of incidents, files and acts in which the FPM did not appear at its best - to put it diplomatically - or where it flip-flopped, showed cowardliness, and very little insight and sound judgment to put it more bluntly.
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