Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Outpost as seen by USEK students

USEK students were given a very difficult brief in my Esquisse II class. To do a post-launch campaign for the impressive magazine The Outpost. The excercise, crammed in two hours produced some incredible gems. Here are some of the highlights in no specific order.
Amira Rahme saw - that once The Outpost was launched it was an invitation to "think" but not only that, after a long period of brain-rusting publications, it's actually, "think, again."
For Cristel Tarabay, since "what if print is not dead?" was a part of the launch campaign, therefore The Outpost is "a new Guteneberg" - a new way of looking at print material.
George Rahme went back to Edisson when he was told that he needed 1000 trials before inventing the lamp to which he replied "I found 1000 ways of NOT creating the lamp" - so the possiblity is simply the "success of failed."
Kristel Jabbour, defies the antithesis. What if... we weren't.... Weren't what? Good, read the magazine and its follow ups to know what she is referring to. Indeed "if only we are not"....
Marale Zeidan, goes back to the origin of possibility, this fierce notion that something is bound to happen, that "it could be full stop." No arguments there!
Marianne Roukoz turns the volume on, because when someone sets to change things through possibility, the will is so great that he or she is capable of seeing what will come next before it happens, ergo "after is before."
Priscilla Abou Zeid, finding that history will prove The Outpost right, went to the idea of "the answer will happen" but flipped it on its head saying events will prove we were visionaires with "the happen will answer."
Last but certainly not least, Rola Assaad went to the core of the psychodemographics of the target audience of the magazine, people on the outisde, people who do not conform, people who are proactive.... Simply, outcasts. The Outpost is for "the outcast in you."
Since the students did not have access to the typo of the magazine, and since the exercise was done in such a short time, they went and copied pages only to be able to cut and paste letters of their slogans with as much of a logo as they could gather, hence the "ransom-letter" effect on the final output. No computer gimmicks were allowed.
So.... Ibrahim, Raafat, Layal and co.... I challenge you to do better than that. The ball is in your court!

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