Monday, October 15, 2012

Brad Pitt for Chanel No. 5: You're no Carole Bouquet

So there it is, the new ad for Chanel No. 5 starring Brad Pitt. He's Mr. Jolie in real life, and ex-Mr. Aniston. I think, at one point, he actually acted. I think it borderline sucks really. He's talking to the bottle in case you didn't know. And for heaven's sake, if he's in a Chanel ad, how come he's dressed in an crumpled H&M shirt - or was Karl Lagerfeld too busy with his hula hoops!.... Oh, and Pitt got 7 Million Dollars for this. Go figure!
Let it be known that I also disliked severely the Nicole Kidman ad for No. 5, Audrey Tatou's movie was marginally better, but to get a real glimspe at what they used to do for the brand, look no further than the Riddley Scott directed "Share the fantasy" film:
Or, my personal favorite, the one with Carole Bouquet which still sends you drooling years after it was originally made.
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