Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When your best ally is your enemy

And so it happened again!... After Marie France posters which have been defaced but an ultra-Christian person who, oddly, turned out to be an acquaintance of mine (and he bragged about what he did in front of me!) here comes Mohamad Sibai doing exactly the same thing for the LGBT community in Lebanon who for a while now have been trying to shed a light on their cause without much success. And in he steps with his homophobic article published in Outlook the mouthpiece of the American University of Beirut - what sparked his outrage is seeing two men holding hands on the street. And as a direct response the www.lebidaho.com website is doing some posters on the wall specifically targeting this - except this time they have all the visibility they crave!... Mohamad Sibai has "pleasured them at any price" as the title of his infamous article says. Really, sometimes your best ally is you enemy.
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